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Chivalry is making a comeback
RitchImage Offers Tips To Make The Ladies Swoon

December 21, 2001 -- Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- With the recent resurgence of old-fashioned values, many of the old customs of deference are coming back into popularity. Social strategist Deborah Ritch advises gentlemen to brush up on chivalrous behavior and practice these ten simple lessons:

  1. Basic rule of male etiquette: Always open doors for all ladies and allow them to enter first.
  2. Always walk between a lady and a street. This courtesy has its roots from medieval times when a gentleman walked closest to the houses to keep a lady out of danger from chamber pots being emptied. Later, they walked nearest to streets to protect ladies from being soiled by passing horse buggies.
  3. Always pull out her chair. Learn to do it correctly. Leave enough space for her to move between the chair and table. Push the chair in gently and slowly. Allow the lady to guide the chair while you are the momentum.
  4. Always stand when a lady enters or exits the room or rises from her seat.
  5. If a lady arrives at a table with no available seats, stand up and offer your seat.
  6. Offer your arm when escorting ladies to and from social events. This is especially appreciated when walking on uneven ground and she is in heels.
  7. Help her put on, as well as remove, her coat. Carry her coat if the need arises.
  8. A gentleman does not always need to pay but he should always offer.
  9. Always lead the way unless being escorted to a dining table. In that case allow her to follow the host while you follow in the rear.
  10. Never make a lady feel uncomfortable either through your actions or words.

"Good character alone makes any man worthy of love," comments RitchImage President Deborah Ritch. "Simple acts of civility and courtesy communicate respect. Gentlemen who practice this respectful behavior are much more engaging and appealing as potential suitors. Old-fashioned etiquette will go a long way when winning over the heart of a lady."

About Deborah Ritch

Deborah Ritch, president of RitchImage, offers advice for modern day etiquette dilemmas. Ms. Ritch hosts seminars as well as one-on-one consultations. For more information visit